Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Tips

Since it is Earth Day Frugal Chick and I decided to go over the things we do that save money and are also Earth friendly. I am by no means the most green person out there (just last week Frugal Chick and I argued over the use of Sevin Dust in our garden) but, I do consider myself a conservationist. Here are some of the things we do to save money and the Earth's resources.

We try to use energy efficient bulbs in our house and try to turn off unused lights and appliances. Frugal Chick makes our own detergent which does not have any harsh chemicals and is is much cheaper than store bought detergents. We installed a programable thermostat which really saves us energy late at night and during the day. Most programable thermostats have 8 hour cycles and weekend settings. Plants around your house provides oxygen to the air, looks good and cools your house. We have installed ceiling fans and have a space heater which helps cool and heat the house without using the energy drain that is the heat pump.

A few years ago our hot water heater died we purchased an energy efficient hot water heater. If you have the opportunity I would suggest (if price feasable) a solar powered water heater, a friend of mine had one in his old house and just raved about it. Another way to conserve water is by using low flow shower heads. We have used these for several years and there really is no dicernable differance. Our biggest energy and dollar conserver is carpooling (we work a couple of blocks apart and have the same work schedule), if you can possibly find someone to carpool with it will save both gas and cash.

As I stated at the begining I am not the greenest person out there, but I am a conservationist and there is another kind of green that I always like to save.

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