Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tip on Tuesday

I had this wonderful tip I thought about sometime last week. Accounting Dude and I even talked about it, and now we both have forgotten what it was.
So moving on to our money saving tip that we can remember.
Yes, it involves The Home Depot. The other day we went there and purchased several things for our garden. Well, we ended up not using them. So we wanted to take them back, but we couldn't find our receipt. We had decided that is Home Depot would only give us a store credit we would be okay with that, but since we paid for them with our debit card Home Depot was able to look up our purchase price and give us the correct amount back in cash. Accounting Dude and I were so excited.
Money Saving Tip - When purchasing something a The Home Depot that you are not sure you want to keep and you are bad a keeping up with receipt pay with your debit card instead of cash.

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  1. This is good to know, especially on high dollar items! Thanks for stopping by Thrifty Tip Tuesday!