Friday, December 11, 2009

Who are the Accounting Dude and Frugal Chick

Frugal Chick and Accounting Dude on their most expensive vacation EVER, a Hawaiian Honeymoon. Purchased on credit! Before we found our true frugal selves.

Accounting Dude and Frugal Chick love to save a dollar, but both have different ways of doing it. Frugal Chick likes to use coupons, discounts, and finding great deals. Accounting Dude likes to work the budget and save up to buy big purchases. We started our marriage off on the right financial foot by attending Dave Ramsey's FPU with in the first 6 months of our marriage. It changed our life and sorry Dave, but you became our common enemy. We both love to read, all kinds of books with each of us trying to mix in a financial book every now and then. We both love to travel, and it has to be the biggest place we spend money thus the reason we must try to save our pennies in other areas.

Within this blog we hope to include: frugal tips, show our purchases, and keep us accountable.
Hope You Enjoy,

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