Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I wanted to show you an inexpensive Valentine's Day decoration. I made this out of felt which is reasonably priced even when not on sale. I just cut out hearts and then sewed them together. Just made my living room a little more festive.

Accounting Dude and I had a nice Valentine's Day today. We even went "Cheap" this year. I had a coupon and gift cards for Red Lobster. So we went there for lunch. All we had to pay for there was our tip. Then we went and saw Valentine's Day which was an okay movie. We only had to pay for one ticket because I had a coupon for one free ticket. Then we saved even more by going to the Matinee and we didn't purchase any popcorn or drinks. I know it didn't cost that much, but I really enjoyed my Valentine's Day with my Valentine.

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