Monday, February 22, 2010

Tips on Tuesday - Free Plants

My tip for today is - Don't buy plants when you can transplant them.
My friend/co-worker came into work yesterday saying she dug up a bunch of bulbs that had pretty much taken over her backyard. As we talked I asked her what she was going to do with them. Her answer was trash them. I had wanted to do a flower bed and these would work perfect, mostly because they were free. After eating dinner Accounting Dude and I headed over to her house and selected the bulbs we wanted. It will be this weekend before we plant them, but we were both so excited about getting them before they went in the trash.
This is half the pile of plants that were dug up.

These were a few of the ones we took. Next time you see your friend or neighbor digging up there plants ask if you can have a few. You may want to offer to help them dig up the plants in exchange.

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  1. What a smart idea! Why pay for something that someone is willing to give away! Thanks for linking to Thrifty Tip Tuesday.