Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walmart & Target Deals

Again I can't find my receipts, that is what I get for cleaning out my purse. I remember most of what every thing cost.

The My Little Pony's were $3.00 each with a BOGO coupon. This was a great deal and they fit in a shoebox.

The floss was $0.12 after coupon.

The Renue was $0.65 after coupon

The Tuna was free with coupon.

The Olay Lotion was $2.24 each after coupon.

The games were all a $1.50 or less. I know that they Scrabble game came from Target because Walmart wouldn't let me use the coupon on a Scrabble card game.

I know these two trips were something like $13.00 at Walmart and around $3.00 at Target.

Second Trip to Wal-mart and First Trip to Walgreen's
Walmart - My Little Pony x 2 $3.00
Scrabble Apple - $5.94 - Already played and it was loads of fun.
Pictureka - $0.24
Walgreen's - 2 Rice Krispies - $5.00 with a $1.00 off two coupon and $2.00 in Register Rewards plus I got back $2.00 in Register Rewards

Rite Aid- 90% off Christmas - Got about 3 weeks ago, but just now taking a picture.
Total - $2.70

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