Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keep the Change

All of us know that change adds up.

I remember many years ago right out of college when I was dating a guy, who is not Accounting Dude. He would always talk about what a pain change was and how we should just eliminate it from our currency. Well, I didn't agree with that idea, but I did appreciate the fact that he would leave his change at my apartment because it was just to much of a pain for him. I can't tell you how many Friday lunches and dinners out I had on his change. He thought it was amusing that I would save the change he left. Looking back I think it almost be came a game to us. He would leave little piles of change on my end table or dinning room table and I would save it until I wanted use it and tell him how much I got for his change. If I had only known then that change really does add up to more than a fast food meal every now and then. I would have been better off.

Accounting Dude and I keep our change. You should see us when we sit down to count it. It is like two kids in a candy store.

Everyone has suggestions on what we should use our change for. Accounting Dude and I have decided to save it for our yearly trip to the beach. It helps with gas and eat out money for this long weekend.

Some people at our church save their change for missions.

My brother gives his change to his son to save.

One of my relatives just saves her change to just save change. Kind of odd. I would like a goal to reach.

Whatever you do with your saved change is up to you just as long as it isn't eliminated from the currency because I can't really handle another tax.
Besides that it is just plain old FUN!

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  1. That is so funny! Anthony and I are saving our change for the same thing. But we have to beat Caleb to it! If Caleb finds change laying around he stashes in his savings!!!