Sunday, January 3, 2010

Phillips Crabcakes and Campbell's Sweet Red Pepper Soup

Apparently, I posted this picture without writing anything about it. I know you probably thought this was pretty odd.
So this is what the post was suppose to be about. Accounting Dude and I thought it would be fun to give you our opinion about new products that we try. We both would love to be food critics, but since we aren't and we have blog you, our readers, will get to hear about this. It will make trying new products fun. By the way we paid for these products.

We will start with the Phillips crab cakes. The worst thing about these were finding them at Publix. I got them when they were on sale BOGO and then I had another $2.55 in coupons making them extremely cheap. Accounting Dude and I both love seafood, but crab cakes are not one of my favorite things. I usually find them filled with breading and very little meat, this was not the case all with these Phillips crab cakes. They were filled with tons of crab meat, big chunks. Both Accounting Dude and I would love to have them again. We were both surprised at how good they were and we wanted more, which is always a good sign.
The soup is Campbell's V8 Sweet Red Pepper soup. We have had other V8 soups that we like so we thought that we would try this soup. This Sweet Red Pepper soup reminded both of us of tomoto soup both in taste and texture. We both thought that we could eat this again, but we would prefer to eat tomato soup instead. There just wasn't much to say about it we tried it and we just weren't impressed with this soup.

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