Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Coke Rewards

For several years, I just ignored these little codes inside the 12 packs of Coke and Dasani that I purchased every month or so. I can't tell you how many points I tossed in the trash.
After I played the McDonald's Monopoly game last year and one 50 points I decided to start collecting. My goal was to just get a magazine subscription. Now my goal is to see how many points I can get by the end of the year. One thing is that Accounting Dude and I would like to go to the Coke Museum in the ATL and we can get tickets with our reward points.
Now that I have seen the fun items I can get with my rewards I have started collecting points from my mom, brother, and people at work. They are all willing to give me their points instead of seeing them go into the trash.
Why I like the My Coke Rewards program:
1. Easy to get and accumulate points
2. Easy to enter them into an online account
3. Wide variety of prizes to collect.
What I don't like about the My Coke Rewards program:
1. Hard to read the codes
2. Some prizes seem to be listed in a high value amount for what they are.

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