Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly Shopping

This week I decided to do all shopping updates in one post. So here it goes:


Had extra bucks to cover the Soy Joys. All I had to pay was tax which was $0.60 a box.
The Oust 4 at $3.99 each used two BOGO Coupons plus a $6.00 Extra Bucks. Making my total out of pocket $3.58 and I received back extra bucks of $12.00. Plus this qualifies for the SC Johnson rebate.


This weekend I got lucky because I didn't know it, but Target had marked down some of their toys to 75%. I lost my receipt, but all of these were around $10.00. They will fit great in shoe boxes at Christmas.


This picture is missing 2 bottle of Fantastic that I also got this night.

Savings Summary : Store Coupon $12.80
Vendor Coupon $24.30
Advertised Special Savings $24.50
Advantage Buy Savings $1.49
Total Savings: $63.09

I started to clap when the woman at the register told me my told was $35.03


Okay, let me start off by saying we don't really go to Walmart. Accounting Dude will have to write a post one day on why we don't go to Walmart, but that is for another day.
But I had coupons and I was bored. I did pretty good because I only got the things pictured above for $2.53.

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