Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Rent or To Buy

I know what your thinking, "Why is Accounting Dude standing in front of a Christmas tree with a tux on?"
Well this picture was taken in December, which was the last time he wore his tux.
I know it sounds silly, but Accounting Dude owns his own tux. When we first started dating we got invited to a few balls. Balls are big in our town. He rented a tux once for a little over a $100.00 and decided that if he was going to go to many of these balls he would just buy a tux. Since investing right at $500.00 for his tux, shoes, shirt, vest, tie and cufflinks, he wouldn't get the cheap one, he has worn it to 3 balls and our wedding. He has worn the shoes one other time. He was in a wedding and had to rent a tux to match the other groomsmen. After wearing it this last time he said, "I only have one more time and then I've broke even."

I think of it this way my wedding dress cost around the same amount as his tux and I have only worn it once. So I think he is way ahead of breaking even.

My Tuesday Tip is consider the cost of renting over buying or buying over renting. In this case we made out better by purchasing the item.

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