Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saving Pennies Spending Dollars

My father-in-law likes to jokingly say to Accounting Dude and I, "Your saving your pennies and spending your dollars." In some ways that is true. Accounting Dude and I do save our pennies, but we really really enjoy spending our dollars. It is all about the choices we make.

So one of the choices we made was to go to watch the BCS National Championship game. Part of the deal was that if Accounting Dude got to go to the game I got to go to Disney Land. I enjoyed Disney Land, but I don't think as much as he enjoyed the game.
We also had to make a stop on Rodeo Dr. which I think you couldn't save any pennies on this street, but you could definately spend a lot of dollars.

We had a lot of fun at the game and actually we were lucky enough to pay face value for our tickets. It was a fun week and I do enjoy traveling so much that I clip coupons and drive an old car in exchange for seeing the world.
I'm going to keep saving my pennies...who know where I'll spend my dollars next.

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