Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tips on Tuesday

I know so many people hate thinking about Christmas right after it happened, but it seems to me to be one our biggest expenses for the entire year. So besides budgeting for it, I look for expensive things at a cheap price, and nothing beats free.
See these boxes were sent to my office on December 28Th. Everyone dug into the goodies inside I looked at the boxes. All I could think was that they were nice a nice size for small items. So I took them and left the goodies. I know next year they will make great gift boxes and I'll also be recycling. I guess my tip is look for unusual shaped boxes and keep them. I don't know a Christmas that hasn't gone by when either my brother or I had received a gift in a box that checks were sent in. Sometimes laughing at the box is just as much fun as the gift.
If you live in Alabama you will find this funny - This year for Christmas I received gifts in boxes from Gayffers and Parisians, both department stores that are longer in business and haven't been in years.

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