Monday, January 18, 2010

Update on Challenge

Pantry Challenge update:

-Okay so I'm not doing so well on the $150.00 limit. Accounting Dude and I have talked and it is easier for Accounting Dude to budget $40.00 a week instead of $35.00 the first week and $40.00 the next week. But still we have limited our grocery budget.

- I have tried to make a monthly menu, but we don't seem to stick with that. So now I'm going to try to make a weekly menu.

- I still haven't had time to clean out and inventory the pantry.

- I don't think that I will have anything left to save towards the refrigerator.

- Lunches have been a challenge, but this week I got lucky because with sales and coupons I was able to get Healthy Choice meals for $0.50 each.

On a happier note: Accounting Dude and I think that we will try to stick to this longer than a month. We also have used several things in our freezer and made some meals we would have never before.

I'll give you another update at the end of the month.

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