Friday, January 15, 2010

Food For Thought Friday

We tried some more new products this week. This time it was TGIF Fridays Anytime! Mexican Style Chicken Quesadilla and Campbell's Mexican-Style Chicken Tortilla soup.
The inside of the quesadilla after I had taken a bite of it. We were both surprised at the amount of products the quesadilla had inside of it. It was very filling.

The outside of the quesadilla. I wasn't really sure about trying this because I thought it maybe to spicy, but I was pleasantly surprised that it had just the right amount of heat so that you knew that it was a Mexican dish but not so much that it burned your mouth. I would definitely have them again. Six came in the box so this will make a good Saturday lunch.

Now on to the soup. I am not usually a big soup fan, but since it has been so cold lately I decided to make it more. Also it has been on sale and Accounting Dude likes soup. I thought that this soup didn't have much of a flavor it seemed kind of boring and unmemorable. Accounting Dude said that it was pretty good which when ask to clarify that he said it was just okay not great or anything. I think I'll stick with some of Campbell's other flavors before I buy this one again.

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