Thursday, January 21, 2010

Second Jobs

In April of 2006 Frugal Chick and I were married and we spent the year taking trips and celebrating. In 2007 my wife and I decided we needed some extra income to help with student loans and to help pay for the annual trips we both loved. It was decided I would get a second job since she was working on her Masters Degree at night. We updated my resume and sent it out cold to every CPA firm in town. We sent sixty resumes in all and only received interest from three firms. All three made offers and we choose the firm that offered the work on contract basis. We choose this firm since it was small, close to home and had an accounting software package I already knew how to use. My work was at night and on weekends and I was expected to put in at least twenty hours a week.

It is hard to go to work after supper and to give up my weekends in order to work two jobs. I just had to remember tax season only last twelve weeks and I was being well paid for my trouble. The work helps me stay sharp on matters of tax, general accounting and estate planning. I work in governmental accounting and if I did not work tax seasons my knowledge in tax and corporate accounting would slowly fade. When the time is right I would like to go into private practice and the work I do during tax season keeps me up to date on accounting issues. The tax work has and will continue to help make contacts and build a future client base.

A second job is a source of additional income to help with finances, trips, and savings for the future. It will also help to keep a person sharp and motivated regardless of their field of expertise. A second job will also increase a person’s knowledge and help make new contacts. I would recommend a trying a second job to anyone with drive, ambition and a frugal nature.

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